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Electrimate Electrical Estimating Software

Electrimate was developed over a ten year period by a professional commercial electrical estimator with 40 years of experience in electrical contracting.

Electrimate is a spreadsheet for use with Microsoft Excel or Open Office Calc.

No Macros - No Visual Basic - No Hassle!

You can download Open Office at Open Office is free and Electrimate will run on any of the Open Office versions - Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and any future version.

Electrimate is easy to use - no clumsy interface to learn. It works well for any size commercial electrical job.


I am pretty much giving Electrimate away at this price. Don't let the low price mislead you. It is a very powerful tool that is worth much more.

This is a totally updated version with more pages of prices - almost double the size of the original version!

Video screen capture of the new version: Electrimate on YouTube