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Electrimate Electrical Estimating Software

Electrimate was developed over a ten year period by a professional commercial electrical estimator with 40 years of experience in electrical contracting. Electrimate is a spreadsheet for use with Microsoft Excel or Open Office Calc.

Microsoft Excel 2003, Excel 2007-2010, and Open Office versions are included. There are no macros, no visual basic, and no hassle!

You can download Open Office at Open Office is free and Electrimate will run on any of the Open Office versions: Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and any future version. All versions of Electrimate will also run on Linux Libre Office Calc.

Electrimate is easy to use - no clumsy interface to learn. It works well for any size commercial electrical job.


I am pretty much giving Electrimate away at this price. Don't let the low price mislead you. It is a very powerful tool that is worth much more.

The new version is included with the full version. It has many more pages of prices - almost double the size of the original version!
Video screen capture of the new version: Electrimate on YouTube